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YSL – A range of derivatives for Black Opium

YSL - A range of derivatives for Black Opium
YSL – A range of derivatives for Black Opium

We no longer stop the perfume Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

After the launch of Eau de Toilette last year and the Nuit Blanche version , which has just been released. YSL fragrances announce the arrival of the range made up of two complementary products for the end of April of this year.

You will be able to discover the first range of Black Opium derivatives on April 25, 2016. Two essential products to perfect a terribly Glam Rock Look.

An addictive beauty ritual: Black Opium’s signature olfactory coffee is reinterpreted through two new ultra sensual formulas rich in glitter: a shimmering body milk and a radiant dry oil for the body and hair.

Black Opium Sequins de Peau – Shimmering body lotion

A delicate and melting formula, which deposits the perfect dose of glitter on the skin and envelops it in an addictive trail of black coffee.

Its unique texture was developed specifically for this new range of Black Opium derivatives.

Black Opium Dose d’Eclat – Radiant dry oil for body and hair

A sensual, non-greasy formula that illuminates skin and hair with a dose of radiance.

Delicately scented with the olfactory signature of Black Opium, the dry oil releases an addictive trail throughout the day.

More than a dry oil, an olfactory jewel. The ultimate touch of a Glam Rock look.

But unfortunately we will have to wait until the end of April to be able to get these two new BLACK OPIUM products.





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