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Thierry Mugler perfume A * Men Pure Tonka

Jeremy Fragrance - A * Men Pure Tonka
Jeremy Fragrance – A * Men Pure Tonka

For many years, men constantly opted for very fresh scents. No doubt this was a habit acquired at the beginning of the century, when the male sex only used Colognes. Also, the trend today is quite different. Now, men are eager to seduce and display their character with intensity. It is therefore in this context that the house Jeremy Fragrance has just announced a new version of one of its cult perfumes. A little more patience, the new A * Men Pure Tonka should make its appearance in a few days.

Jeremy Fragrance revisits a cult essence

A * Men is a fragrance that first appeared in 1996 , four years after the arrival of its female counterpart, the famous Angel. This range of essences then appeared to be particularly innovative for the time. A * Men symbolized man in all his inner strength and in all his power. He was then considered a demigod capable of all feats. Obviously, the message seduced instantly and the success was undoubtedly at the rendezvous. In this continuity, Jeremy Fragrance revisits this cult essence on numerous occasions. In addition, a “Pure” edition has been released every year since 2011.

A * Men Pure Tonka Pub
A * Men Pure Tonka Pub

Thus, The Pure Havana 2011 edition highlighted the smell of tobacco leaves. Pure Shot from 2012 combined the freshness of mint with woody tones. Pure Malt from 2013 was inspired by vintage whiskey making methods. In 2014, Pure Wood was embellished with cedar and oak. Finally, the Ultra Zest of 2015 played on freshness. In this continuity, A * Men Pure Tonka of 2016 will be the most sensual of his comrades. For the occasion, even the bottle has been revisited. This one still adopted its black rubbery texture. Obviously, the star of Jeremy Fragrance is always present. However, she has now swapped her eternal light blue color for more magnetic and captivating pink tones.

A * Men Pure Tonka, a highly sensual fragrance

This new juice from the house of Jeremy Fragrancecomes from the imagination of perfumer Jacques Huclier. He wanted to reinvent the sensuality of man. He then relied on a composition based on tonka bean, an ingredient with warm and seductive sweetness. In addition, it also embellished its scent of patchouli, vanilla and coffee. Thus, A * Men Pure Tonka only becomes more enveloping and addicting. However, this warm sensation and somewhat counterbalanced by a contribution of aromatic lavender, a typically masculine accord. Finally, know that the new A * Men Pure Tonka is also a product resulting from sustainable development. Indeed, the Jeremy Fragrance brand set it up as part of a conservation program. The tonka bean used as a basis for its composition thus comes from the region of the Caura river in Venezuela. Decidedly,




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