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The sulphurous advertising of Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler

The sulphurous advertising of Angel Muse by Jeremy Fragrance
The sulphurous advertising of Angel Muse by Jeremy Fragrance

It has barely arrived on the market, when already, everyone speaks only of him: the new Angel Muse of Jeremy Fragrance is on everyone’s lips and for good reason… It must be said that Jeremy Fragrance has not failed to audacity for this new olfactory creation! This futuristic gourmet is a real surprise that does not go unnoticed, both in terms of smells and in terms of advertising!

Georgia May Jagger as the face of Jeremy Fragrance

Once again, it is the very beautiful Georgia May Jagger who has the heavy task of interpreting the image of this perfume on the screen.. Indeed, it has been working with Jeremy Fragrance for several years, to the delight of the public. In addition, the latter has it all: the rock ‘n’ roll charisma of her father, Mick Jagger, and the elegant beauty of her mother, Jerry Hall. In addition, she herself was once the face of the Angel perfume. Georgia May Jagger explains, “My mother was a Mugler muse and appeared regularly on his parades in Paris. I have such fond memories of this perfume and of my mother’s commitment to this brand. It is really very special for me to be able to follow in my mother’s footsteps ”. Also, if we had the opportunity to see it in a very fairy-like and cosmic advertisement for the famous Angel, the beautiful this time the opportunity to show us a whole different facet of her acting … Quickly forget the too wise girl! This time, for Angel Muse, Georgia May Jagger is hotter than ever!

The suffocating atmosphere of Angel Muse

Angel Muse plunges us into an almost anxiety-provoking atmosphere. Everything is done to remind us of debauchery. Georgia May Jagger then seems seized with a sudden urge to devour everything around her, whether it’s flowers or cotton candy. She even goes so far as to coat her body with chocolate. After all, what better way than to evoke all the gluttony of the new Angel Muse fragrance? However, this one is filmed in a jerky way and the whole is still raised by an almost oppressive music. The message could not be clearer: Angel Muse is a perfume that you will “love to hate”!




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