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The new summer freshness of Valentino Donna Acqua

The new summer freshness of Valentino Donna Acqua
The new summer freshness of Valentino Donna Acqua

Perfumes are a bit like clothes and must change with the seasons. Indeed, opulent perfumes are very pleasant to wear in winter, creating a real flood of emotions and seduction in their wake. On the other hand, they are also too heady on hot summer days. To overcome this, many design houses are making variations of their famous perfumes in more clear and airy versions. In this sense, the brand Valentino has just metamorphosed its Valentino Donna perfume into a brand new version called Valentino Donna Acqua.

The elegant and Italian soul of Valentino bottled

Valentino is an Italian brand that carries valuessuch as lightness, delicacy, poetry, refinement and creativity. Resolutely anchored in its Mediterranean culture, it is installed in the workshops of Palazzo Mignanelli, in the heart of Rome. This is where all his talent is expressed and it is also from there that some fragments of his DNA emerge, such as the perfume Valentino Donna Acqua. Moreover, its bottle is the perfect echo of the rest of the brand’s creations. Valentino Donna Acqua has kept a look very similar to that of his elder brother. Its bottle is just more slender than before. The transparency of its glass, meanwhile, reveals a lighter pink color and more powdery than before. The design of Valentino Donna Acqua is particularly elegant and timeless. It has an astonishing surface, dotted with prisms. The latter echo the freestone that adorns Italian palaces. However, its handling is very pleasant. Its robustness contrasts with the ingenuous femininity of its color. Its sophistication is reflected in a golden plaque on which is inscribed its name, matching the color of its spray cabochon.

Valentino Donna Acqua, a floral and gourmet fragrance

On the scent side, Valentino Donna Acqua was made by the same designer as her predecessor, Sonia Constant. However, she has chosen to work here around more airy and enveloping flavors. The rose and the iris, once at the heart of this perfume, have given way to other components. Valentino Donna Acqua begins with a gourmet and fruity blend. These top notes assemble a duo of pear and almond. Then, the floral aspect of Valentino Donna Acqua takes over in his heart. This one is very bright and rich. It combines the elegance of jasmine with the velvety softness of frangipani flower. Moreover, this smoothness endures even in its wake. Finally, Valentino Donna Acqua ends with the balsamic and almond flavor of hawthorn combined with the tenderness of sandalwood.




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