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The new Luna perfume bottle

The new Luna perfume bottle
The new Luna perfume bottle

Luna, Nina Ricci’s new mysterious apple

Nina Ricci is a house of creation with a singular soul. Indeed, this high-end brand is entirely devoted to female beauty and never ceases to draw us into a world worthy of a fairy tale. Also, for several years now, Nina Ricci has taken us in the footsteps of her heroine, the charming Nina. This one is absolutely seductive and spontaneous, tempted by the most emblematic apple of the feminine perfume department. However, this time around, it looks like this forbidden fruit is coming in a new version. So, let’s take a closer look at what is behind the mysterious bottle of the new Luna .

The love story between Nina Ricci and the apple

What fruit is more evocative than that of the apple? Indeed, it is as suggestive as it is intriguing. It notably embodies the image of the forbidden fruit, a symbol of love but also of the forbidden. As the Snow White tale suggests, it is a natural element that is as attractive as it is dangerous. Also, it seems that Nina Ricci has a real fascination with this ingredient. It has become the emblem of the house and has even just celebrated its 10 years of existence within the brand. For the occasion, in 2015, Nina Ricci even endowed its bottle with pop shades covering a sublime white lacquering. It must be said that, thanks to Nina Ricci, the apple is a fruit which has had the leisure to decline in all its forms. Sometimes burgundy, intense red or light pink, it is as much the object of a femme fatale as of a carefree young heroine.

Luna’s unique blue hue

Also, on the occasion of the release of Luna, Nina Ricci opted for a container very different from that of her predecessors. Although it retains its apple shape, it surprises us with its brand new color. Indeed, Luna is none other than a blue apple. It displays a transparent but intense shade symbolizing the image of a woman today sassy and emancipated. Moreover, its rebellious side is still underlined by a black leather lacing at the level of its collar. Nina Ricci’s apple has never seemed so intriguing to us. Its round shape nevertheless remains very feminine and is an appeal to the hand. So, you too, let yourself be tempted. After all, what good is temptation if not to succumb to it?




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