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The Emblem perfume: the chic and spontaneous man Montblanc

Emblem: The chic and spontaneous Montblanc man
Emblem: The chic and spontaneous Montblanc man

Starwalker, Legend or even Présence have marked the spirits as much by their incredible fragrances as by the quality of their feather, the house of Montblanc never skimp on the beauty of its creations! Once again linked to a legendary pen, the beautiful Emblem was born in 2014 to delight men sure of their masculinity, as chic as they are relaxed. A perfume full of contrasts as brilliant as the unique personality of the Montblanc gentlemen.

Emblem or the racy perfume of an assertive man

While the prestige of the Montblanc house is well established both in terms of the nobility of its pens and the fine quality of its leather goods, it launched into perfumery in 2001 with the same criteria of excellence. Présence pour Homme, a refined and sensual fragrance, will mark the successful debut of the venerable house.

In 2014, Montblanc signed a perfume tribute to its most famous pen, the Meisterstück, with Emblem, a pretty woody-floral. Emblem is THE perfume of the man who signs his name in the ink of a Meisterstück as it is racy, elegant and tender.

“This fragrance inspires a man of his own. A man whose tenacity, confidence and poise push him to reach the top. Infallible in his choices, assured in his tastes. Always with this relaxed chic, this taste of measured luxury, this sense of detail. »Interparfums for Montblanc and Emblem.

In order to embody this Emblem man in his communication campaign, Montblanc will make two choices which will be decisive for his reputation. She will first choose the Australian model with mesmerizing gaze David Genat. Then in order to highlight Emblem as its ambassador, the house will ask Peter Lindberg to perform a photo rush which will be used for the editing of the advertising film. All black and white, Lindberg offers Emblem a universe absolutely bewitching both by the beauty of the shots taken and by the cozy atmosphere a touch retro.

Emblem, brilliant contrasts of woody freshness

The Emblem bottle was designed on the one hand to pay tribute to the pen created in 1924, the Meisterstück, but also to highlight the famous Montblanc, the birthplace of the house. Thus the bottle is dizzying and is divided into six “mountain” peaks to better carry the white star forming the eternal snows of Montblanc but also of the Montblanc brand. The lacquered black of this stylish and stylish object of course brings us back to the fabulous touch felt when holding a Meisterstück.

Sonia Constant composed a dazzling start of bergamot and mint for Emblem, especially since the designer added notes of dihydromyrcénol. Cardamom, pepper and pink berries add their spiciness to these fresh top notes like eternal snow. The heart wants to be flowery and delicate thanks to the young violet flowers which nevertheless will not hesitate for a second to be accompanied by the warmth of cinnamon to better surprise us. Lavender and clary sage bring their aromatic freshness to this original bouquet of heart while not forgetting to be punctuated with the daring mix of fruity apple treats.

“A wake that reflects a lifestyle and an art of seduction too, brilliant, lively, straight. »Montblanc for Emblem.




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