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The composition of the new Diesel Bad fragrance

The composition of the new Diesel Bad fragrance
The composition of the new Diesel Bad fragrance

The virile and daring scent of Bad by Diesel

On the occasion of a launch party organized on June 23, 2016, Diesel announced the release of its brand new men’s fragrance called Bad. As his name suggests, he is the very incarnation of the “bad boy”, at the same time adventurer, nonchalant but quite simply irresistible. The latter’s face is embodied by American actor Boyd Holbrook. Dressed in leather and riding a large engine, this one has many assets to leave no woman indifferent, starting with its smell … So, zoom on the composition itself of this new perfume.

Diesel calls on two perfumers

Bad is a particularly innovative fragrance that was produced by a four-handed duo of perfumers. This consists of the talented Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm. Their name is probably not unknown to you. Indeed, these two geniuses of olfactory creation are among the most famous noses on the planet. Anne Flipo has a very impressive number of bestsellers in perfumery to her credit. We owe him, in this case, the emblematic La Vie est Belleor Manifesto by Yves Saint Laurent or the essential Invictus by Paco Rabanne. Born in Picardy, she confides that it was “her gastronomic education and a real contact with nature” that opened up her path to perfumery. Thus, she admits to being quite simply passionate about the work of flowers and scents in general. This has earned him many awards, including that of Perfumer of the Year after the creation of Invictus. Likewise, Carlos Benaïm is a very creative character who is passionate about everything related to art in general, whether painting or literature. Thus, Bad is a fragrance that results from the feminine elegance of Anne Flipo and her love of perfumery associated with the overflowing inventiveness of Carlos Benaïm.

Bad’s manly sensuality

Also, the Bad perfume by Dieselis none other than the portrait of a particularly impertinent, daring and virile man. Its dynamism is thus felt from the top notes of its perfume. These contain important touches of citrus. Bad notably associates cardamom with bergamot, a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. This blend diffuses a zesty, tangy, floral, woody and spicy scent. Then, it is an emblematic ingredient of men’s perfumery that makes its appearance: lavender. This aromatic plant evokes in particular the memory of the perfume of the barbers of yesteryear. Nevertheless, this one is reworked for the occasion in a totally unusual way. Indeed, it is accompanied by caviar. This very luxurious element here accentuates the salty aspect of this juice. Bad’s scent is thought of as “a trickle of sweat on a man’s chiseled body.” It all becomes almost erotic and gradually takes on a tobacco base. This dry, hot and honeyed ingredient leaves a warm breath here accompanied by the powdery and deep elegance of the iris.




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