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Terracotta Khôl, the oriental inspiration of Guerlain

Terracotta Khôl, the oriental inspiration of Guerlain
Terracotta Khôl, the oriental inspiration of Guerlain

Guerlain’s Terracotta Khôl, the real Khôl from the Orient

The Guerlain house has always been very inspired by the Orient in each of its creations. Indeed, the Guerlain family traveled very often to India and it is moreover this magical place that inspired one of its greatest perfumes: Shalimar. Therefore, when it comes to make-up, Guerlain is no exception to the rule. It is therefore quite natural that its shelf of products for the eyes is enriched with a Khôl. Forget the new generation Khôl. That of Guerlain respects the purest oriental tradition. So, how about knowing more about Terracotta Khôl, a loose powder that will make your eyes a real asset of seduction?

Where does Khôl come from?

Khôl is an ancestral product that is undoubtedly one of the oldest make-up items. Moreover, many are the papyri from Ancient Egypt which are there to remind us of this. Have you ever noticed how the Egyptians always had their eyes made up in black? It was already Khôl. At the time, its function was not purely aesthetic but also served to protect against diseases. Then, the Khôl recipe was taken up by the Berbers and the Arabs. Today, it is a very widespread product in northern Africa. Women often only reveal their gaze and do not hesitate to sublimate it with a black and magnetic line. It is therefore all this beauty from the Orient that we find in Terracotta Khôl.

La Terracotta Khôl, a typically oriental make-up

Basically, Guerlain’s legendary Terracotta is an ocher-colored loose powder inspired by the land of the desert. The Terracotta Khôlalso comes to us from the Orient but is intended more specifically for the gaze. Inspired by traditional oriental Khôls, it is a black loose powder that is deposited on the eye contour to bring it more size and depth. Guerlain’s Terracotta Khôl is particularly concentrated in pigments. Its color gains in intensity on contact with shards of mother-of-pearl. Terracotta Khôl reveals a warm and bewitching color, particularly refined. Moreover, its oriental spell is also reflected in the design of its bottle. A real gem, it is surmounted by a golden seal with Moorish influences. The Terracotta Khôl offers a particularly precise and modular layout, allowing to obtain a more or less smoky or sophisticated rendering.

Apply your Terracotta Khôl well

Terracotta Khôl can be used in two different ways. If you choose to apply it oriental style, all you have to do is remove its small stick and slide it inside your eye while it is closed. If you choose to apply it western style, the powder settles on the eye area. This creates a more precise outline and a velvety look.




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