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Sisley – Precious Oil

Sisley - Precious Oil
Sisley – Precious Oil

The Precious Black Rose Oil, the first Sisley facial oil. Prepares, protects and enhances dry or mature skin lacking in comfort …

Precious Black Rose Oil

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Dry or mature skin is often in need of comfort. This can be linked to several factors:

– age: over time, the skin becomes drier and drier, it loses its radiance and beauty.
– genetic inheritance: the skin can be inherited dry.
– environmental conditions: pollution, the climate can attack the skin, dry it out and cause premature aging.

Sisley Black Rose Precious Oil

Sisley creates a silky dry oil, combining powerful anti-aging active ingredients and highly nourishing and hydrating ingredients to allow the skin to regain the suppleness, softness and incomparable radiance of young skin.

Apply 3 to 7 drops, morning or evening, to the face and neck (adjust the amount according to the skin’s needs).

3 Major Actions:

1- A Preparatory Action: Precious Black Rose Oil is enriched with essential elements for the skin, such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which improve the fluidity of cell membranes. Used on bare skin as a first daily treatment, it thus prepares the cells to better assimilate the active ingredients.

2- An Anti-Aging Nourishing Action: a powerful cocktail of active ingredients of plant origin that are both nutritious, regenerating and protective, providing the skin with the essential elements for its vitality and youth. Plum and Camelina oils preserve the lipid balance of the epidermis, Padina pavonica extract strengthens the water mattress of the dermis, natural Tocopherols strengthen the skin’s natural protection system, thus fighting against oxidative stress.

3- A Unique Sensoriality: the Black Rose Extract brings an extreme softness. It is associated with essential oils of Rose Bumgare and Magnolia with toning and soothing properties. With each application, the floral accord of Precious Black Rose Oil deliciously awakens the senses.

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