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Sensuality and fragrance

Sensuality and fragrance
Sensuality and fragrance

Coco Chanel said “a woman without perfume is a woman without a future”. Indeed, the perfume is an incredible instrument of seduction which it is sometimes difficult to resist. Essences can also nourish the most erotic feelings and at the same time create memories with almost indescribable power.

What perfume to seduce?

Here again, perfume is a matter of taste. Indeed, a fragrance can deliver a very different odor from one individual to another. Also, the one that will make you sublime in the eyes of others will be the one that will fit you like a glove. Nevertheless, if we had to establish some general rules, know that oriental scents are synonymous with pleasure. Likewise, leathery scents tend to give off a strong aphrodisiac connotation. The chypres, for their part, stir up the mystery and thus call to the imagination. Their share of eroticism is then more mischievous. Finally, let’s not forget that floral fragrances are synonymous with absolute femininity.

The love stories contained in perfumes

Moreover, one only has to look at the advertisements for perfumes to realize that it is most of the time a question of seduction and sensuality. In addition, it is not the Ecstasy of Nina Ricci which will come to prove us the opposite. Likewise, the names of the perfumes are often very evocative: Love by Chloé, Idylle by Guerlain, Amor Amor by Cacharel, Very Irresistible by Givenchy… Finally, their creation is sometimes even inspired by true love stories. The emblematic Guerlain Shalimar is, in this case, a perfect example. This one is inspired by the crazy love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his late wife. Indeed, it is in his honor who built the gardens of Shalimar as well as the famous Taj Mahal.

Since its inception, perfumery has therefore been synonymous with sensuality. One scent alone is enough to make you the sexiest partner around. Nevertheless, it is important not to abuse it and to wear your favorite perfume in the rules of the art. Indeed, do not forget that an overdose of perfumes could cause the opposite effect to that expected.




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