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Scarlet Rhubarb Water: The new cologne

The appearance of the new Eau de Rhubarb Écarlate d’Hermès

At the start of 2016, the house of Hermès will delight many of its fans since it has just announced the release of an upcoming feminine fragrance. This one is presented as being particularly greedy and will be called Ecarlate Rhubarb Water. Its sweet aspect will then be fully anchored in the olfactory trend of the year. This new creation was imagined by the talented Christine Nagel and will not fail to captivate you, both by its smell and by its pretty red bottle.

The delicious scent of Scarlet Rhubarb Water

With this fragrance, Christine Nagel wanted to highlight two aspects of rhubarb. It is therefore presented in a fresh and green form while being greedy and sweet. Indeed, according to the perfumer, these two opposite and yet complementary sensations are very present when we breathe the scent of a branch of freshly cut rhubarb. Also, it seemed essential to him to transcribe the scent offered by nature in its purest accuracy. Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate is a fragrance that is both sweet and invigorating. In addition, it is embellished with a touch of musk which only enhances its depth and increases its voluptuousness. Of course, even if other ingredients are present in this composition, these two raw materials, namely rhubarb and musk, dominate very largely. On the bottle side, Ecarlate Rhubarb Water is contained in the famous bottle in the shape of a carriage lantern from the past. This one is emblematic of the Hermès house but adopts a new look for the occasion. It is adorned with a particularly hypnotic intense red color that will only make you succumb.

Christine Nagel, new perfumer of the Hermès house

Hermès is a perfume houseto whom we owe a large number of scented creations. Also, since 2004, it is the nose Jean-Claude Ellena who is exclusively in charge of the innovations of the house. However, since 2014, he has collaborated with the talented Christine Nagel. Her name is probably not unknown to you since she is at the origin of many successes. She began her career at the Givaudan house in Paris. Then, she joined the prestigious Mane brand where she was even responsible for recruiting young talents who could join this renowned school. From now on, it is within the Hermès house that she has chosen to deposit her suitcases. The new Scarlet Rhubarb Water will then allow us to see his talent from a different angle and we can not wait to get drunk on its succulent scent. From his gluttony, the latter promises to seduce many women and is perfectly anchored in the current trend. This perfume is not yet released that already, it promises to be a future success.




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