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Repetto – Floral Water

Repetto - Floral Water
Repetto – Floral Water

After the release of Eau de Toilette in 2013 and Eau de Parfum in 2014… Maison Repetto unveils a new version of its perfume.

Repetto Floral Water

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A fragrance to see life in pink. An explosion of colors, sensations and emotions. L’Eau Florale reflects the freshness and energy of the dancers.

Fragrance – Repetto Floral Water

Repetto Eau Florale - Pub with Dorothée Gilbert
Repetto Eau Florale – Pub with Dorothée Gilbert

L’Eau Florale, a fruity and woody flight. The exquisite Grapefruit and the Plum Blossom reveal a femininity with sparkling facets. Its heart delivers all the charm of Buttons of Roses and Bouquets of Violets. A trail of woody aromas of Cedar and Gray Amber.

The case and the bottle

Repetto Floral Water
Repetto Floral Water

A new dazzling and luminous pink dresses the case, for an explosion of colors! The bottle is entirely lacquered with a sparkling and daring pink for a new passion to be born.

Olfactory Family: Fruity – Woody

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Plum Blossom.

Heart Notes: Buds of Roses, Bouquets of Violets.

Base Notes: Cedar, Ambergris.

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