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Pay less for Wanted Azzaro perfume

The price of Azzaro's new Wanted
The price of Azzaro’s new Wanted

If, previously, the trend was more towards the unique choice of a perfume, today, the consumer is more volatile. In other words, the more fragrances we have, the better! Thus, the fabulous Eau de Toilette Wanted by Loris Azzaro should not resist the olfactory desires of these gentlemen for long! Yes, but there you have it, perfume is still a luxury product. So here are some keys to getting Azzaro Wanted cheaply. What’s more, we have good news for you, you might just be on the right site!

How to get Wanted for less?

If you’re a fan of fragrances and can’t resist the temptation call of the new Azzaro Wanted, then you will be happy to know that it is possible to get it for less. On the one hand, it may seem trivial, but there are quite a few promotions in the perfume industry. Indeed, it is not only the famous annual sales that can offer you perfumes at reduced prices. Indeed, many brands regularly set up exceptional promotions. It is then up to you to open your eyes to benefit from it. Likewise, if you are lucky enough to travel, know that you will find the Wanted perfume in “duty free” at all airports, understand “without tax”. However, this requires traveling outside the European area or going overseas. Thus, you will benefit from promotions ranging from 15 to 20%. However, if you have not planned to do the tourists or you do not want to wait for the sales, you still have the solution to make your purchases on the Internet. Perfumes are generally sold there for less. However, it is important not to be taken in by too tempting offers which often hide counterfeits. In this case, our site guarantees you the purchase of an original perfume at an unbeatable price.

What’s behind the price of Azzaro Wanted?

In order to simplify your life, we have made a small comparative study for you. For example, know that the 50 ml version of Wanted will cost you 56.95 euros at Sephora, 56.50 euros at Nocibé or 59 euros at Galeries Lafayette. On the other hand, it will only cost you 48.50 euros at Tendances-Parfums.


But then, why is there such a price difference between the brands? On the one hand, be aware that, according to Philippe Benacin, Chairman and CEO of Interparfums, the “cost of a perfume is split between 50% for distributors, 30% in advertising and marketing expenses and 20% in product manufacturing. , which includes in particular the juice, the bottle and the packaging. Indeed, advertising is essential for creative houses. Note, in addition, that there are about 400 new perfume launches per year. It is therefore essential to make yourself known among this flood of new products. Now, the musesare not in the habit of working for free. Likewise, the bottling of a perfume, and in particular that of Wanted, is an essential element. It makes it possible to display the identity of a fragrance and to seduce consumers. Then there are the distributors’ margins. Thus, www.fragrenza has chosen to make the luxury of perfumery accessible to you. So, take advantage of it, the Wanted Eau de Toilette is now at your fingertips …




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