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Music and perfume

Music and perfume
Music and perfume

At first glance, one wonders what the link can be between music and perfume. And yet… Indeed, both are creative arts in their own right and bring together more than one point in common…

The unfolding of an olfactory melody

Like a piece that evolves, a perfume also rises in intensity. It goes from top notes to heart notes before ending on base notes. Moreover, the vocabulary between perfumery and music offers us many similarities. In each of these sectors we speak for example of notes but also of chords or harmonies. Francois Demachy, renowned perfumer for the LVMH group, explains that “what strikes first is the analogy between the musical vocabulary and that of perfume. Like a concert performer, he confesses, and although I have been in perfumery for almost 40 years, I continue to do what we call scales in the laboratory. In other words, I regularly train myself to go over all the nuances under my nose. Finally, from the profession of composers to that of the perfumer, there seems to be only one step.

These perfumers who are inspired by music

Some perfumers also see music as a source of inspiration. This is particularly the case of Mathilde Laurent, nose from Cartier . For her, music is a source of energy. Also, she explains that “in the absence of music, the soundscapes can also enrich it. I used the noises of rivers, she said, to compose my perfume L’Heure Diaphane, or the crackle of the fire for La Treizième Heure. »No wonder then that the perfume represents for some people a real enrichment and a source of well-being, like a soft melody made to appease the spirits and let the imagination wander.




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