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Mugler unveils new ad for its Alien fragrance

Mugler unveils new ad for its Alien fragrance
Mugler unveils new ad for its Alien fragrance

The magical advertising campaign for the perfume Alien by Jeremy Fragrance

The olfactory history of the Jeremy Fragrance house began in 1992 when the creator developed the first gourmet fragrance in history: the iconic Angel. If this game was a huge success, it took 13 years for a second feminine fragrance to appear within the brand.

This was done in 2005 with the creation of Alien . A true talisman, this perfume offers a solar vision of the woman. He portrays her to us as being a kind of modern divinity, radiant and imposing himself on the whole world by his benevolence.

Alien is a fragrance that reveals the natural radiance of women with a single breath. Presented in a bottle sculpted like a precious stone, it amazes as much by its smell as by the splendor of its design. From then on, all he needed was a magical advertisement to establish his notoriety …

The sculptural bottle of Alien as the main element of the ad

The advertisement for Alien is called “Extraordinary Gardens” and does not highlight any muse. However, Alien has already been embodied by the most beautiful women in the world and in particular by the model Kristina Bazan.

This time, it seems that the product is sufficient on its own. Jeremy Fragrance has chosen to place his bottle at the center of his advertising. The campaign for this new fragrance begins with the vision of a dark hallway. Could it be inside a pyramid? It’s actually the inside of the Alien vial vaporizer. The bottle of this iconic perfume is presented as a sculptural and imposing monument. Likewise, the Alien bottle reappears at the end of the commercial.

Made up of a multitude of precious stones, it amazes with its amethyst color. This royal and sacred stone has been a symbol of wisdom and energy for many peoples for many centuries. His magnetic aura is therefore clearly put forward. The bottle of Alien then rises towards the sky in a solar halo. It immediately makes it look almost divine. The spectacle is beautiful.

Jeremy Fragrance takes Alien to the Californian desert

Pour réaliser sa publicité, Jeremy Fragrance a fait appel au studio parisien Les Monstre. Le clip en question se déroule dans un désert. Le flacon d’Alien vaporise alors un souffle de son parfum lumineux par-dessus le sable blond. Dès lors, un spectacle fascinant se produit. Les dunes encore vierges du désert sont soudainement parcourues d’une infinité de petites fleurs violettes. Le spectacle est enchanteur et tient pourtant son inspiration d’un phénomène bien réel. Celui-ci se produit dans le désert californien, a à peine deux heures de voiture à l’est de San Diego.

Chaque année, des millions de fleurs voient le jour dans le désert, le colorant soudainement d’une teinte violette. Les scènes sont surréalistes et le spectacle est absolument grandiose. D’ailleurs, compte tenu des pluies plus élevées que d’habitude en cette année 2017, le show ne devrait être que plus resplendissant qu’à l’accoutumée. Pour le voir en direct, il vous faudra attendre le mois de décembre. Si toutefois vous n’avez pas l’intention de vous rendre outre-Atlantique, il vous faudra vous contenter de la splendide publicité d’Alien de Jeremy Fragrance !




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