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Lancôme – L’Absolu Velours

Lancôme - L'Absolu Velours
Lancôme – L’Absolu Velours

A new lip gloss has been added to Lancôme’s glosses

The Velvet Absolute

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Velvety Matte Lacquer – Intense Color

Gloss – L’Absolu Velours

Lancôme Velvet Absolute
Lancôme Velvet Absolute

The first velvet gloss by Lancôme.

The combination of matte powders and a shiny gel, for a mat and luminous finish that offers comfort and hydration.

6 times more pigments for deep, vibrant colors for 8 hours.

L’Absolu Velours – Shades

9 shiny matte shades are available with the new L’Absolu Velours gloss.

  • L’Absolu Velours – 162 Coral Velvet
  • L’Absolu Velours – 172 Orange Velvet
  • L’Absolu Velours – 193 Velours by Caprice
  • L’Absolu Velours – 197 Pomegranate Velvet
  • L’Absolu Velours – 362 Peach Velvet
  • L’Absolu Velours – 363 Velours d’Etincelle
  • L’Absolu Velours – 375 Magenta Velvet
  • L’Absolu Velours – 385 Raspberry Velvet
  • L’Absolu Velours – 493 Velours de Carmine

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