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Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male Popeye

Le Mal Popeye Limited Edition 2016 by Jean Paul Gaultier
Le Mal Popeye Limited Edition 2016 by Jean Paul Gaultier

The news never ceases to fall within the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand. Indeed, a few days ago, the brand unveiled the face of its new muse. In this case, it is Chris Bunn, whom we can already see in an advertising campaign for the famous male perfume Le Mâle . Well, know that this iconic star of male perfumery will soon see a variation of his scent.

Indeed, Jean-Paul Gaultier has just unveiled what will be his next limited edition for summer 2016. Comic book fans will be in heaven: this time it is a famous sailor who is being honored with the new Male Popeye .

The new packaging of Jean-Paul Gaultier

It’s no mystery to anyone, Jean-Paul Gaultier has always really liked the world of sailors. Moreover, her famous striped sweater is now known to everyone around the world. It conveys an image of elegant simplicity and would almost become a man’s ideal garment. So, no wonder then that Jean-Paul Gaultier turned to one of the most famous sailors on the planet to decorate the design of his bottle. Popeye is an iconic figure in comics who has been talking about him since his appearance in 1929, the year in which he took life under the pen of Elzie Crister Segar. It is therefore found engraved on the realistic and iconic bust of Jean-Paul Gaultier. This then retains its intense blue color as well as its frosted stripes. This new design brilliantly combines the retro aspect with a more contemporary spirit. It is, as usual, contained in a tin can.

Nevertheless, this one is intended to be particularly evocative this year. Fans of the cartoon will recognize the cans of spinach swallowed up by the sailor to inflate his muscles. More than ever, Le Mâle Popeye is a fragrance synonymous with virility.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Popeye” src=”https://phbex.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/jpg-le-mal-popeye-edition-limitee-2016.jpg” alt=”Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Popeye” width=”240″ height=”290″>
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Popeye

The invigorating scent of Male Popeye

Obviously, like every summer fragrance, Le Mâle Popeye has bet on freshness. It was created by the talented perfumer Nathalie Gracia-Cett. This one has developed a particularly masculine and sexy juice in the form of an oriental fern. His departure is intended to be particularly energizing. In this case, he associates the biting smell of mint with the orange aspect of aldehydes. Likewise, neroli releases luminous tones of orange blossom, both floral, rich, suave and citrus. Then, Le Mâle Popeye evolves towards a more woody and dry aspect. His heart is especially full of ambroxan. This ingredient is known for its sensuality and makes Male Popeye a particularly charming and seductive essence. Sage, meanwhile, brings more tenacity to the whole as well as a camphor, musky and amber side. Finally, it all ends with a warmer trail. This combines vanilla with the waxy and creamy smell of sandalwood. The tonka bean, on the other hand, enhances the whole with a light smell of toasted almonds. This composition is worthy of all the talent of Nathalie Gracia-Cetto.

The architecture of this new juice is quite simply sublime and reveals the creative audacity that we appreciate so much in the creator Jean-Paul Gaultier.




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