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Invictus: The champion perfume

Invictus: The champion perfume
Invictus: The champion perfume

Invictus is the scent of a champion. It is a fragrance with a woody signature and biting freshness. This gives rise to ecstasy and addiction as soon as we cross its wake. Invictus has become a symbol of the Paco Rabanne brand. No one seems to be able to resist his thrill of ecstasy and sensual addiction.

Invictus, an athletic symbol

Invictus makes victory a real myth . With him, the man turns into a kind of hero of modern times. Invictus is an ideal for men and a fantasy for women. He displays an incomparable masculinity. Moreover, Invictus designates the undefeated or rather the invincible athlete. In this case, it seemed to be a good omen for him if we are to believe his success. Indeed, since its release in 2013, Invictus is a perfume that men are snapping up and it is today the bestseller of the Paco Rabanne brand. With him, sensuality becomes one with excellence.

The fresh masculinity of Paco Rabanne

Like many men’s fragrances, Invictus plays in the register of freshness. Nevertheless, it is worked in a very sensual way and is intended in this sense particularly innovative. Invictus is a juice halfway between cologne and perfume. Its flight is particularly fresh and lets out notes of grapefruit as well as a marine accord. Likewise, bay leaf and hedione are also part of the game. The whole is then contrasted by a more woody and amber accord combining patchouli, oak, guaiac wood and ambergris. Invictus thus leaves behind a powerful, intense and racy trail. In addition, its bottle does not leave indifferent either.




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