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Guerlain – Santal Royal

Guerlain perfume Santal Royal
Guerlain perfume Santal Royal

Santal Royal, the new prestigious woodland from Guerlain

Sandalwood is an ingredient that Eastern people consider sacred. Indeed, Hindus believe that the smoke from its combustion uplifts the soul and promotes meditation. Thus, this raw material is particularly used in religious rites as well as to make precious objects such as wedding trunks. However, its excessive consumption has prompted the Indian government to limit its production and export. Guerlain has therefore set up a partnership with an Asian logger so that it can deliver the best of this scent, which has become extremely rare, at the heart of its Santal Royal perfume .

Guerlain’s love for sandalwood

Si Santal Royal is a fragrance from the house of Guerlainwhich saw the light of day in 2015, this is not the first time that the brand has used sandalwood as one of the key ingredients in its composition. Indeed, this wood is also present in the famous fragrances Jicky, Shalimar or Samsara. It has an absolutely captivating sacred facet. This product is absolutely bewitching, both tinged with mystery and stitched with multiple contrasts. Here he allows Thierry Wasser, nose of the Guerlain house, to reveal to us all the intriguing beauty of the Orient. Santal Royal is a juice that is mysterious, sweet and captivating at the same time. What is more, it is a real privilege to be able to perfume yourself with this smell, especially when you know that it is a wood so precious that it is today protected. Likewise, note that it does not take less than 20 to 25 years before you can cut sandalwood for it to be used in perfumery. Indeed, it is at this moment that the latter reaches the peak of its scent. You will understand, Santal Royal is much more than a simple perfume. It is a nectar similar to that of the gods.

The bewitching scents of Sandalwood Royal

Santal Royal is a multi-faceted juice. It is at the same time oriental, woody and spicy. Its start takes off on a radiant luminosity based on neroli. This ingredient is then associated with star jasmine, a flower considered to be another treasure of India. This reveals a rich and opulent scent still heckled by the vibrant presence of cinnamon. Then, Santal Royal evolves into a more romantic and elegant heart based on roses. This is like a huge bouquet embellished with a velvety peach accord. Finally, Santal Royal is based on a more amber and leathery base. In addition, oud wood, another precious material, further accentuates the woody vibrations of this juice. The whole is finally sublimated by the animal sensuality of musk. Likewise, on the bottle side, Santal Royal displays a resplendent beauty. It is nestled in the heart of a cylindrical case lacquered in black. The silhouette of the latter is reminiscent of the legendary Bee Flask from the house of Guerlain. Gold then further accentuates its fascinating and mysterious aspect. The whole is loaded with arabesques and is very clearly inspired by oriental art.




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