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Guerlain – Meteorites Bubble Blush

Guerlain - Meteorites Bubble Blush
Guerlain – Meteorites Bubble Blush

For an immediate healthy glow effect, Guerlain is launching its new Meteorites Bubble blush …

Meteorites Bubble Blush

The ultimate complexion finish.

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Do you really have to choose between a happy fuchsia nugget and a soft pink macaroon? Both bring happiness to the cheeks!

Guerlain Meteorites Bubble Blush

For a sparkling radiance complexion, swirl the blush on the skin with relish. Its light and melting cream-texture will leave on the cheeks only a satin finish with an inimitable scent of violet.

For an invigorated and sparkling complexion, apply this blush directly to the skin.

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