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For Un Homme de Caron, a timeless fragrance

For Un Homme de Caron, a timeless fragrance
For Un Homme de Caron, a timeless fragrance

Pour un Homme is a perfume of exemplary longevity. Indeed, it was designed in 1934 and came out of the imagination of Ernest Daltroff. However, at that time, men perfumed themselves mainly with Eaux de Cologne and the perfume was rather reserved for the fairer sex. Thus, by creating this legend of perfumery, its inventor appeared to be a true pioneer. And yet, that was only the beginning of a very long story since, 80 years later, the fragrance is still there and continues to seduce. This ancestor of perfumery has not aged a bit and is timeless. Moreover, Caron has released a new version of its men’s fragrance: Pour un Homme Sport this year 2015.

For a man and his anecdotes

As you will have understood, the Pour un Homme perfume is not new. Also, not content with conveying a sublime smell, it is also a whole past and a history that he carries with him. Indeed, this essence created by Ernest Daltroff mixes vanilla and lavender. As its creator says, Pour un Homme is the “marriage of a delicate plant from Haute-Provence and a tropical spice on a background of amber, wood, cedar and musk”. Also, the latter particularly liked lavender and therefore chooses this plant quite naturally as a raw material. On the other hand, he chose vanilla because it was the favorite scent of his collaborator Félicie Wanpouille with whom he was in love. The story is beautiful since he will even end up marrying her.

On the other hand, you should know that under the occupation, the brands created by the Jews were heavily taxed, yet Ernest Daltroff is of Polish Jewish origin. He therefore decided to go into exile in the United States and his wife had this perfume renamed without changing the formula. Thus, during the war, the famous fragrance became Pour Une Femme. However, he subsequently resumed his original surname and his success was immense. It still is today, since Pour Un Homme is still manufactured at 400,000 bottles per year. It is even worn by many celebrities such as James Dean, Serge Gainsbourg, François Mitterrand, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Johnny Hallyday and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Communication and an original scent, as Caron wanted in 1930

The fragrance has remained unchanged since 1934. Its accord is still that of the most beautiful lavender from the Alpes de Provence, mixed with vanilla on a background of amber and precious woods. He is inimitable and so authentic. Likewise, the bottle that we know is the one designed by Félicie Wanpouille. The current CEO, Romain Alès, emphasizes that “The lines of the bottle have remained consistent with the refined aesthetic of the 1930s, sober and masculine at the same time. The composition has not changed either. For a man has not changed since its inception ”.

On the advertising side, Pour Un Homme can also boast of having had recourse to many beautiful people. In fact, in 1972, the soundtrack for the advertisement was composed by Serge Gainsbourg, along with Jane Birkin. In 2008, the face of perfume was symbolized by the emblem of virility: the impressive Sébastien Chabal. Finally, in 2014, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the perfume, a limited version was launched. Caron then asserts all his prestige. The bottle is in Baccarat crystal. It is set in a silver plate, with a cap sheathed in gray shagreen. The whole is published in 300 copies and sold at a price of 2500 €.

You will have understood that offering yourself Pour Un Homme de Caron is not just offering yourself a perfume, it is also offering yourself a piece of history.




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