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Focus on Diesel’s Bad Advertising

Focus on Diesel's Bad Advertising
Focus on Diesel‘s Bad Advertising

Bad… This is the name chosen by Diesel for its new men’s fragrance. This was developed by two renowned perfumers, namely Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm. Both have chosen to create a luxurious, avant-garde and provocative fragrance sewn with unexpected ingredients such as caviar. Bad thus creates a surprise while remaining very refined, like its sober but apparently rebellious bottle. Also, these are all characteristics that are also found in the advertising of Bad de Diesel.

The advertising campaign for the new Diesel

Bad is a perfumewho is described as an “irresistible rebel”. Diesel speaks of him in these terms: “He is a man in black leather and bewitching magnetism, seducing anyone who crosses his path. You can watch it, but please do not touch it. He is a free electron. He burns. Also, it is precisely this portrait that we find in Diesel advertising. Bad is played by the attractive American model Boyd Holbrook. He shows his desire to integrate the world of fashion and cinema since he was a teenager. Also, he began his career in 2001 in a modeling agency before revealing himself in films alongside Matt Damon or Michael Douglas. Likewise, this rising star of American cinema will soon be featured in the blockbuster Wolverine 3. After being the face of Versace, Hugo Boss or Jean-Paul Gaultier, he now lends his image to Diesel. It thus appears alongside a large engine, all dressed in leather and looking towards the horizon. He seems quite simply in love with freedom and ready to conquer the world at the wheel of his car.

Bad and its surprisingly wise publicity

If Boyd Holbrook really embodies the image of a bad boy, a bit adventurous and nonchalant, Diesel had accustomed us to much more extravagant advertisements and we expected a more shocking campaign on the occasion of the release of the Bad perfume. Indeed, Diesel has the art and the manner of applying trash images to its marketing campaigns. We especially remember the images of centenarians drinking their urine and depriving themselves of sex in order not to age or these particularly sexy angels in the Highway to Heaven ad. Likewise, Diesel is a brand that did not hesitate to divert images from 80s porn movies on the occasion of its 30th anniversary! As much to say to you that the advertising of Bad then appears very wise in view of this tumultuous past. Never mind, a little sweetness doesn’t hurt …




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