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Diorskin Nude Care & Dare Compact Powder

Diorskin Nude Care & Dare Compact Powder
Diorskin Nude Care & Dare Compact Powder

Diorskin Nude Care & Dare by Dior, the compact powder that takes care of your skin

As always, each spring, high-end beauty brands unveil their new makeup creations for summer 2017 . In this sense, Dior has just delivered its brand new collection called Care & Dare. This one presents a whole assembly of nourishing products for the skin and make-up. If, on the make-up side, the emphasis has clearly been placed on color, on the dermatological side, Dior has focused everything on taking care of the epidermis. In this sense, the brand has somewhat transformed its famous compact powder Diorskin Nude.

The iconic Diorskin Nude by Dior

Diorskin Nude is a famous product from the house of Dior. It is a compact powder giving a very natural and almost invisible effect. Impressively light, this powder provides the illusion of a perfectly fresh and natural complexion. This aerial product also has the property of letting the skin breathe. Thus, it does not clog the pores of the epidermis and allows it to remain naturally radiant. What’s more, it is also enriched with protective treatments and acts as an anti-pollution shield. Indeed, Diorskin Nude powder limits the absorption of harmful particles for the body and thus protects your body from daily aggressions. Enriched with transparent pigments, the new recipe for Diorskin Nude Care & Dare powder has remained almost similar to that of its predecessors. This product must be chosen according to your natural skin tone and offers a luminous and fresh result, without ever altering the color of your skin. The idea is just to make your face look like you’ve just had a day in the great outdoors.

Small changes incorporated into the new Diorskin Nude Care & Dare

So what are the real novelties brought to the new Diorskin Nude Care & Dare from Dior? In reality, you will see these directly by observing the visual of this new powder. The famous Dior canning motif and the letters NUDE drawn on this powder have been reinterpreted in white. Synonymous with purity, this shade was not chosen at random. In fact, the new Diorskin Nude Care & Dare powder contains even more moisturizing and nourishing agents than before. Its formula has been enriched with skin care products and offers particularly convincing results. So you can enjoy your summer in peace without worrying about the impact of air pollution on your skin. What’s more, Diorskin Nude Care & Dare is available in two more or less strong colors. The lightest is called “Amber Tan” and the most sustained is called “Bronze Tan”. For ease of application, we recommend that you apply this powder using the mini-kabuki brush. Similarly, do not hesitate to insist more on the T zone of your face to limit the shiny effect on your chin, nose and forehead.




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