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D&G – 18 The Moon

D&G - 18 The Moon
D&G – 18 The Moon

THE MOON is a perfect enigma: fresh but nonetheless sensual, THE MOON shines with a radiance that nevertheless jealously guards its secrets. Its ethereal beauty fascinates those who cross its path.

A floral chypre fragrance: white flowers with hypnotic notes, backed by a mysterious base: a pale leather, extremely soft and delicate.

3 L’Impératrice is part of the D&G collection of feminine perfumes. Different fragrances for different personalities:

  • 3 – The Empress  : For To Shine
  • 10 – The Wheel of Fortune  : To Play
  • 14 – Temperance : To Moderate
  • 18 – The Moon : To Dream

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Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Chypré – Floral

Top Notes: Apple, Bergamot, Green Accord.

Heart Notes: Lily, Rose, Tuberose.

Base notes: Iris, Leather, Sandalwood, Musk.

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