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Clarins – Gloss Prodige

Clarins - Gloss Prodige
Clarins – Gloss Prodige

A new generation gloss that combines ultimate shine, intense color and faithful hold.

Gloss Prodige

Its more? Its ultra-smooth, non-sticky gel texture that curves the lips and coats them in a veil of softness and comfort.

Gloss Prodige Clarins
Gloss Prodige Clarins

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Clarins Gloss Prodige – Shades:

8 shades that awaken the radiance of the face with, as a bonus, a fragrance with gourmet notes of blackcurrant and liquorice.

  • 01 Chocolate Gloss Prodige
  • 02 Nude Gloss Prodige
  • 03 Rose Gloss Prodige
  • 04 Candy Gloss Prodige
  • 05 Grenadine Gloss Prodige
  • 06 Raspberry Gloss Prodige
  • 07 Blackberry Gloss Prodige
  • 08 Papaya Gloss Prodige

Clarins Gloss Prodige – Application:

With the foam tip, apply the fine, non-sticky texture liberally and precisely: the lips are coated with a veil of softness and comfort, the hold of shine and color is perfect.

Clarins Gloss Prodige – Ingredients:

Suprashine Color complex: intense and homogeneous glossy color. Maxi-Lip® Peptide: stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid for a “pulp” effect. “Radiance boosters” pearls: optimize the reflection of light on the lips. Raspberry seed oil: nourishes the lips, gives them softness and suppleness.

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