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Cartier – Eau de Cartier Essence of Orange

Cartier - Eau de Cartier Essence of Orange
Cartier – Eau de Cartier Essence of Orange

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Light, pure and generous, Eau de Cartier interprets freshness, floral with the original, vegetal with concentrated Eau de Cartier and finally, citrus with the new Eau de Cartier essence of orange, zest of light and radiance, lit by a sparkling and joyful orange.

A wake for him and her, a radiant solar wave whose radiant intensity Cartier softens with a spring violet flower.

Flowers and fruits, masculine-feminine, a natural complicity for a Golden Water of creative and modern freedom at the zenith of the olfactory purity when it is soberly softened by woody notes of cedar accented by patchouli.

A hymn to the art of living and to the happy days of which this citrus version of Eau de Cartier distils the smiling magic through the obvious simplicity of a tangy orange bottle signed with a drop sculpted in the glass .

Eau de Cartier, a freshness that comes in four facets for him and her.

  • Eau de Cartier : The purity of floral freshness with violet flowers.
  • Eau de Cartier Concentrate : Intensity of vegetal freshness with violet leaf.
  • Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange : The effervescence of a spicy freshness with orange.
  • Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois  : The sensuality of a woody frapicheur with the oud wood accord.

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Olfactory Family: Citrus – Fresh

Head Notes: Bergamot, Orange.

Heart Notes: Violet Flower.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood.

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