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Azzedine Alaïa – Perfume Extract

Azzedine Alaïa - Perfume Extract
Azzedine Alaïa – Perfume Extract

“It does not bear witness to any particular era, but the emotions of all eras, it does not come from any country because it has crossed them all, it does not reveal any season, since it inhabits all of them. My perfume arises from the meeting of all my presents, from a time that I cannot name myself and that only know how to express the feelings that his creation revealed to me ” . Here is the audacity with which Azédine Alaïa likes to talk about her first perfume. Also, in November 2015, the designer unveiled an even more sensual version and offered us an Extrait de Parfum.

The story of Azédine Alaïa

Azédine Alaïa is a great Franco-Tunisian couturier who arrived in France in the 1950s. So, when we talk about him, he is more associated with the world of fashion than that of perfumery. His fashion house was, in fact, created under his own name in the 1980s, in the midst of a revival in fashion. In this case, the brand is known and adored by fashionistas around the world for its sexy and often leather-based creations. What is more, the creator is not one of those who bully himself according to trends. Azédine Alaïa creates according to her own desires and with a deep spirit of independence. Also, he was always anxious to sublimate women and it was therefore not a surprise when he released his first perfume: Alaïa Paris less than a year ago.

Alaïa Perfume Extract

This perfume extract represents the very essence of its Eau de Parfum released a few months earlier. The two essences are very close except that all the senses are pushed to their limits in this second, more assertive version. With this Extract of perfume, Azédine Alaïa tells us her story. Indeed, her fragrance is inspired by her childhood in Tunis. We then find the smell of ice water that is thrown on the red brick walls in Tunis to refresh them. In addition, it takes off from its first scent on notes of vodka, a drink that the creator usually drinks when he takes an afternoon break. Alaïa is more than a simple perfume extract, it is the story of a lifetime. Like the Eau de Perfume, the Extract was born from the imagination of perfumer Marie Salamagne,the Alaïa house . This essence is even more sensual than the first version. Its top notes are very fresh, even airy. Her heart, when it comes to him, is more floral and thus releases all of her femininity. We find mainly jasmine and iris, a particularly noble flower and very appreciated in perfumery. Its background, meanwhile, recalls a material very often used by the designer in his haute couture creations: leather. This then mixes with vanilla which further enhances the content of the fragrance while giving it roundness. Everything is contained in a black bottle adorned with very elegant lace, like all the creations signed by Azédine Alaïa.




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