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186 The value relevance of brand attitude in high-technology markets new David A. Aaker & Robert Jacobs 03.24.2014 652
185 The relative roles of brand beliefs and attitude toward the ad as mediators of brand attitude new Banwari Mittal 03.24.2014 660
184 The Q theory of investment, the capital asset pricing model and the capitalization rate in real esta new John F. McDonald 03.24.2014 664
183 The Primestar acquisition of the News Corp./MCI Direct Broadcast Satellite assets new Daniel L. Rubinfeld 03.24.2014 655
182 The predictive aspects of a joint-space theory of stochastic choice new Roger J. Best 03.24.2014 645
181 The persistence of brand value at country, industry, and firm levels new Yi-Min Chen 03.24.2014 654
180 The moderating role of product category characteristics new Tarun Kushwaha & Venkatesh Sha 03.24.2014 633
179 The mature brand and brand interest: an alternative consequence of ad-evoked affect new Karen A. Machleit & Chris T. A 03.24.2014 652
178 The information content of brand attributes new Natalie Mizik & Robert Jacobso 03.24.2014 638
177 The influence of customer brand identification on hotel brand evaluation and loyalty development new Kevin Kam Fung So & Ceridwyn K 03.24.2014 656
176 The impact of value congruence on consumer-service brand relationships new Jing Zhang & Josee M. M. Bloem 03.24.2014 672
175 The hedonic valuation of South African wine brands new D. Priilaid & P. van Rensburg 03.24.2014 649
174 On the road to addiction: the facilitative and preventive roles of marketing cues new Ingrid M. Martin & Michael A. 03.24.2014 634
173 The evolving brand logic: a service-dominant logic perspective new Michael A. Merz & Yi He... 03.24.2014 641
172 The effects of organic labels on global, local, and private brands more hype than substance? new Hans H. Bauer & Daniel Heinric 03.24.2014 768
171 The effects of concurrent verbalization on choice processing new Gabriel Biehal & Dipankar Chak 03.24.2014 635
170 The effects of brand positioning strategies on consumers' brand and category perceptions new Mita Sujan & James R. Bettman 03.24.2014 649
169 The effects of brand extensions on market share and advertising efficiency new Daniel C. Smith & C. Whan Park 03.24.2014 634
168 The effect of services marketing mix elements on customer-based brand equity new Hani Al-Dmour & Zubi M. F. Al- 03.24.2014 640
167 The effect of price, brand name, and store name on buyers' perceptions of product quality new Akshay R. Rao & Kent B. Monroe 03.24.2014 653