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86 Embedding knowledge and value of a brand into sustainability for differentiation new Suraksha Gupta & Michael Czink 03.23.2014 605
85 Effects of retraction of price promotions on brand choice behavior new Barbara E. Kahn & Therese A. L 03.22.2014 617
84 Effects of price, brand, and store information on buyers' product evaluations new William B. Dodds & Kent B. Mon 03.22.2014 621
83 Effects of context and part-category cues on recall of competing brands new Joseph W. Alba & Amitava Chatt 03.22.2014 602
82 Drivers of brand value, estimation of brand value in practice and use of brand valuation new Randle D. Raggio & Robert P. L 03.22.2014 615
81 Does corporate reputation translate into higher market value? new Kun Wang & L. Murphy Smith 03.22.2014 604
80 Does attitude toward the ad affect brand attitude under a brand evaluation set? new Meryl Paula Gardner 03.22.2014 600
79 Does advertising create sustained firm value? The capitalization of brand intangible new Fang Wang & Xiao-Ping (Steven) 03.22.2014 615
78 Do trademark infringement lawsuits affect brand value: a stock market perspective new Sanjai Bhagat & U. N. Umesh 03.22.2014 622
77 Discourses on corporate social ir/responsibility in the financial sector new Christian Herzig & Jeremy Moon 03.22.2014 607
76 Diluting brand beliefs: when do brand extensions have a negative impact? new Barbara Loken & Deborah Roedde 03.22.2014 613
75 Determining Interbrand substitutability through survey measurement of consumer preference structures new Randolph E. Bucklin & V. Srini 03.22.2014 624
74 Determination of optimal sample sizes in the beta-binomial brand choice model new Moshe M. Givon 03.22.2014 635
73 Destination brands vs destination images new Asli D. A. Tasci & Metin Kozak 03.22.2014 605
72 Destination branding: insights and practices from destination management organizations new Carmen Blain & Stuart E. Levy. 03.22.2014 623
71 Regulatory exposure of deceptive marketing and its impact on firm value new Martha Myslinski Tipton & Sund 03.22.2014 628
70 Creating ‘value’ beyond the point of production: branding, financialization and marketcapitalization new Hugh Willmott 03.22.2014 612
69 M&As and corporate visual identity: an exploratory study new Philip Rosson & Mary R. Brooks 03.22.2014 600
68 Corporate sponsorships may hurt nonprofits: understanding their effects on charitable giving new Christine M. Bennett & Hakkyun 03.22.2014 596
67 Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investing: a global perspective new Ronald Paul Hill &Thomas Ainsc 03.22.2014 625