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No. Title Author Date Hit
106 Guilt by association: heuristic risks for foreign brands during a product-harm crisis in China new Hongzhi Gao & John G. Knight.. 03.23.2014 830
105 Gender differences in the use of message cues and judgments new Joan Meyers-Levy & Brian Stern 03.23.2014 671
104 From genericide to viral marketing: on ‘brand’ new Robert E. Moore 03.23.2014 680
103 From customer lifetime value to shareholder value new Paul D. Berger & Naras Eechamb 03.23.2014 667
102 Expanding the role of marketing: from customer equity to market capitalization new V. Kumar & Denish Shah 03.23.2014 673
101 Forward-looking focus: can firms have adaptive foresight? new Valarie A. Zeithaml & Ruth N. 03.23.2014 668
100 Forest for the trees: economics of joint dominance new Markku Stenborg 03.23.2014 648
99 Firm valuation, abnormal earnings, and mutual funds flow new John J. Maher & Robert M. Brow 03.23.2014 668
98 Financial value of brands in mergers and acquisitions: is value in the eye of the beholder? new S. Cem Bahadir & Sundar G. Bha 03.23.2014 664
97 Financial assessment of brand extensions new Henrik sjodin 03.23.2014 653
96 Fees on fees in funds of funds new Stephen J. Brown & William N. 03.23.2014 686
95 Managing brand equity among Langkawi’s independent hoteliers new Maznah Wan Omar & Mohd Noor Mo 03.23.2014 681
94 The impact of extension success/failure and congruity/incongruity on family brand image: a broadcast new Peter Drinkwater & Mark Uncles 03.23.2014 729
93 Estimating consumer preferences for a new durable brand in an established product class new Adrian B. Ryans 03.23.2014 673
92 Exploring the brand value-shareholder value nexus for consumer goods companies new Roger A. Kerin & Raj Sethurama 03.23.2014 730
91 Examining strategies for maximizing and utilizing brand prestige in the luxury cruise industry new Jinsoo Hwang & Heesup Han 03.23.2014 677
90 Event history analysis measures of brand loyalty new Richard E. DuWors & George H. 03.23.2014 630
89 Evaluating the multiple effects of retail promotions on brand loyal and brand switching segments new Rajiv Grover & V. Srinivasan 03.23.2014 670
88 Evaluating asset pricing models in the Korean stock market new Soon-Ho Kim & Dongcheol Kim... 03.23.2014 671
87 Endogenous sunk costs and the geographic distribution of brand shares in consumer package goods indu new Bart J. Bronnenberg & Sanjay K 03.23.2014 667